Custom Software

Virtuzo specializes in software design and development. We have rich experience in developing platforms and solution that target solutions. We engage latest and evolving methodologies and frameworks that lessen the development cycle and cut the overall costs of projects.


More than 178 billion app downloads were recorded in 2017. That speaks volumes about the current appetite for native apps. We encourage our clients to make decisions that align with their business needs.


Website development changes every day. With the ever increasingly connected world, the applications are bound to be connected today while being access controlled. With them being more and more visual-driven, they require a higher level of technical expertise to be built as per the expectations.


Processes reduce overheads and wastage. They keep a check on any slack in productivity or operational inefficiencies. Implementing processes efficiently require correct tools integrated with a company’s operating procedures. We work closely with client teams to understand their requirements, advice on appropriate tools, customization, sourcing, and implementation.


This is one field that interests us the most. We want to make automation our forte and work tirelessly towards improving our skills and continuously invest in learning about new research and development in this domain.

Data Management

Organized & disciplined data is both critical to growing and expensive to work with. Apt tools enable storage, management & retrieval of data while displaying a high level of efficiency at the same time while maintaining integrity. We have the right tools sets and know how to manage it for you.


Design has always been the cornerstone of human interaction with products. As opposed to the physical world where almost all senses are engaged, User interface and User experience have gained utmost importance in the online world where the primary sense of the interaction is the sight. We have always focussed on an effective design that complements efficiency rather than treating them as two disjointed principles.

Digital Marketing

Online presence is almost mandatory these days for any business. This has led to a lot of influx into the online arena. The scenario has given birth to a whole new industry – online and digital marketing. Although online purchase and its adoption has increased, finding customers is almost as much an uphill task as it is in brick and mortar regime. We excel in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), bulk mailers/texts, content designing, online advertising, web sales, digital advertising, and social media marketing.